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♦ Standard Porcelain Tile Removal on Plywood/Concrete(includes grinding of residual thinset)


♦ Slate, Clay, or NaturalStone Tile Removal on Plywood/Concrete (includes grinding of residual thinset)


*Extra charges may apply for excessive thinset and epoxy grout.



♦ Tile substrate removal prices will depend on the type of system used.


♦ We remove the following: Stapled Plywood, Glued Plywood, Screwed Plywood, Lath Systems, Ditra Systems, Strata Mat, Heat Systems



♦ Laminate Removal (includes underlay removal)


♦ Hardwood/Engineered Removal (includes pulling all staples, cleats, or nails)


*Extra charges will apply for glued down hardwood/engineered or laminate floors.



♦ K3 Subfloor Removal on Shiplap (includes pulling all staples)


* Customer will have to cover all items in the basement as debris may fall through the shiplap to the basement.


♦ Non-glued K3/Lino Removal (includes pulling all staples)


♦ Glued K3/Lino Removal (includes pulling staples and grinding residual glue)


*Extra charges will apply to excessively glued or stapled floors.



♦ Carpet Removal (includes pad, staples, and smooth edge removal)


♦ Carpet Stair Removal (includes pad, staples, and smooth edge removal)


*Extra disposal charge will apply for rubber underlay.



♦ Grinding of Paint, Residual Thinset, or Concrete to Preparation for Leveling


♦ Supply and Install 3/8 Plywood Subfloor (screwed)


♦ Baseboard Removal (includes disposal of baseboards, pulling nails, labelling for reinstall)


♦ Appliance Removal (includes standard appliances: fridge, stove, dishwasher, washer, dryer)


*Includes shifting them within the room, extra charges will apply for moving appliances to basements or garages.


*Extra charges will apply for gas appliances, sub-zero fridges, or commercial equipment.


♦ Toilet Removal (includes scraping wax off of toilet flange and bottom of toilet)


♦ Pedestal Sink Removal


♦ We provide additional removal services that are not included on this list. Please enquire for pricing.

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